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    VerbalHub believes in a student-centric approach that Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning. We start with the evaluation of candidates. The test takers are given a set of questions that include easy to difficult questions. As per the performance in the test, we prepare a report and a road map for the preparation of the GRE, then round is advised accordance to the performance. These rounds are a step-by-step guide to improve the preparation and to keep a track of the students.

    Round 1: Foundation
    Round 2: General Tips & Tricks For Scoring 310+
    Round 3: Advanced Round intensely focused on Strategies For Improving Score
    Round 4: Elite round For Scoring 325 Plus Percentile

    Strong Foundation

    The VerbalHub team believes in providing the best online classes for GRE preparation hence the team works on all-around development. GRE prep starts by setting a strong foundation first. Round 1 is all about the GRE syllabus and pattern.
    It mainly aims at developing a basic understanding of the GRE syllabus and what GRE is all about. By doing so it helps the candidates to prepare well for the GRE. Every single terminology regarding the GRE preparation is explained in detail to the test-takers through online or offline mode. All the general plans and strategies required to ace the GRE are also explained during the best coaching classes.

    General Tips & Tricks For Scoring 310+

    After the Foundation Round candidates are promoted to the second round. The second round introduces general tips & tricks on how to score 80 percentile. The GRE aspirants are given a brief idea about all concepts, and techniques.
    To retain the information in the mind test takers are given a sectional test of each section. If GRE aspirants perform according to the standards, they are promoted for Round 3.
    If they're not ready, they are invited to continue in Round 2, so they can brush up on concepts, and improve their approach. To summarise Round 2, the aspirants are invited for a one-on-one discussion about doubts, preparation, and further planning for the GRE.

    Advanced Round intensely focused on Strategies

    This is an advanced Round intensely focused on Strategies, doubts, and discussion regarding the GRE. In case candidates have any conceptual weakness, the GRE aspirants are guided on how to improve the weaker section under the supervision of world-class faculty members.
    After that, the mentors arrange different sessions for GRE aspirants and instructs them
    How to approach complex questions
    How to overcome repeated and silly mistakes
    How to improve time management
    How to answer questions under pressure
    These few things make Verbalhub the best online coaching institute in recent times.

    Elite round For Scoring 325 Plus Percentile

    Final comes the elite round. This Round prepares candidates to score 320 or 325 plus in the main exam. Our experts help the students in the best way so they can score the highest marks in the exam.

    1. How to answer tricky questions with common sense
    2. How to identify wrong options
    3. How to follow the splitting strategy
    4. How to use keywords to answer the problematic questions
    5. How to reach an excellent score from below average.
    6. Final test-taking tips.
    7. Last-minute strategies to improve your accuracy.
    Tips from the experts at the last time are helpful for students who are interested in cracking the GRE.


    We develop the best strategies for aspirants so they can clear the exam with ease. We believe at Verbalhub if you have a strong foundation, half of the work is complete. Mentors work with Individualized and Customized Learning Plans so they can be of great help to the students.
    A customized learning plan consists of phases, whereas, on the other hand, an individualized learning plan involves:
    1. SOP,
    2. Counselling, and
    3. Batch.

    SOP: SOP stands for Standard operating procedure, which is a set of step-by-step instructions followed at VerbalHub to acquire efficiency, quality, and uniformity in the performance of the Aspirants.
    Counselling: We believe that correct judgment and balanced thinking is the only key to success. Therefore, the counselling starts with the evaluation of the GRE aspirant. After that, VerbalHub starts listing the study material, study hours, guidance, sectional tests, and complete tests.
    An individualized work approach is employed in each phase of the GRE prep process. After giving the batch to the test-takers, they get counselled for each preparation step.

    Different courses that we offer for your GRE preparation
    GRE One-on-One
    GRE Verbal One-on-One
    GRE End to End
    GRE Verbal Target 165 Plus
    GRE Quant One-on-One
    GRE Fast Track

    Candidates can go through the link for more information regarding the GRE.
    Interested candidates can choose any of the options mentioned above according to their choice.