End your search by finding the best coaching institute for CAT preparation

  • End your search by finding the best coaching institute for CAT preparation

    All the working professionals at VerbalHub believe that every student needs a different process when it comes to learning. Therefore we start the online CAT preparation process with the evaluation of the test-takers. After mock based on different level, we prepare a report card as per the performance scale of the test-taker. A road map is designed after that to kick start the preparation.
    Each CAT test taker is given one out of the four rounds. These so-called rounds are a step-by-step advancement that keeps track of the test-takers' preparation as well.

    Never ending mocks, Advanced techniques, Shortcuts for complex problem, workshops and world class teaching style makes Verbalhub best coaching institute for the CAT exam preparation.

    Few things that make Verbalhub best coaching institute for the CAT aspirants.

    Setting up the Foundation:

    The VerbalHub team provides the best online classes for cat preparation. We believe in the growth of test-takers. Therefore, our CAT prep starts by setting a foundation first. All the CAT test-takers get detailed information about the syllabus. First-round mainly aims at developing a basic understanding of the CAT preparation.
    All the terminologies involved in the CAT prep, books, and study materials are explained in detail to the test-takers through online or offline mode. All the general strategies needed to crack the CAT exam are also taught during the best coaching classes provided for the CAT prep at VerbalHub.

    80 percentile General Tips and Tricks:

    The second round of the CAT prep process at VerbalHub is about teaching the test-takers all the general tips and tricks to score 80 percentile. The CAT test-takers get a detailed idea about all the concepts, approaches, and strategies involved in the CAT prep. Each test-taker goes through a sectional test of each section of the CAT syllabus. The approach in the exam is examined here. CAT aspirants who perform well advance to the third round. Those who lack in the process and strategy are suggested to rejoin the second round. They brush up on their concepts again.
    After the conclusion of the second round, the CAT aspirants advance to a one-on-one discussion. This discussion is about their preparation, doubts, and further planning and preparation for the exam.

    Advance Strategies to Score 90 percentile in the CAT exam:

    The third round of the CAT prep at VerbalHub concentrates on Strategies, doubts, and discussion. The mentors at VerbalHub work on the error log of the test-takers and prepare them for a high score in the CAT exam.
    In case of conceptual weakness, the mentors strengthen the weak sections of the test-takers. After that, the CAT aspirants are invited again by the mentors and further guided on the following things:
    ● How to approach the difficult questions,
    ● How to overcome silly mistakes,
    ● Time management, and
    ● How to get rid of the exam pressure.

    Scoring Tricks to Score 100 percentile in the CAT exam:
    The fourth round of the online coaching classes at VerbalHub is the elite round where test-takers are prepared to score 720, 740, and 760 plus scores in the CAT exam. The experts' team at VerbalHub dedicatedly works on the following aspects of the aspirants:
    ● How to apply common sense to trick the questions in the exam.
    ● How to determine the awkward options.
    ● How to follow splitting strategy
    ● How to use keywords to destroy the tough questions.
    ● How to achieve 740, 760, and 780 from 700 plus scores.

    Final test-taking mantra and Last-minute strategies are also taught to the aspirants in this round.
    These rounds prepare CAT aspirants in the best way possible. We at Verbalhub transform beginners into toppers.

    The team of experts at VerbalHub creates strategies and equips the test-takers with all the necessary skills for the desired height. Our belief is in the smart beginnings where we do half of the work. Our mentors work on both Individualized and Customized Learning Plans.
    A customized learning plan consists of phases, whereas, on the other hand, an individualized learning plan involves:
    1. SOP,
    2. Counseling, and
    3. Batch.

    SOP: SOP stands for Standard operating procedure, which is a set of step-by-step instructions followed at VerbalHub to acquire efficiency, quality, and uniformity in the performance of the test-takers. Counseling: We believe that right judgment and balanced thinking is the only key to success. Therefore, the counseling starts with the evaluation of the CAT aspirant. After that, VerbalHub starts listing the study material, study hours, guidance, sectional tests, and full tests. An individualized work approach is utilized in each phase of the CAT prep process. After giving the batch to the test-takers, they get counseled for each preparation step.

    Different courses that we offer for your CAT preparation
    CAT End to End
    CAT One-on-One
    CAT Verbal One-on-One
    CAT Quant One-on-One
    CAT VARC Target 99 percentile Plus
    CAT Fast Track

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