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  • Which are the best books or learning recourses to prepare for the GMAT.

    Like any other competitive exam, study material plays a crucial role to crack the GMAT exam. Most top MBA institutes require the aspirant to be GMAT qualified. At the same time, GMAT results show the GMAT aspirant's verbal and analytical skills. Therefore, choosing the best study material or learning resources available become more important for the aspirants. So, if you are searching for the best study material for your GMAT prep, you have clicked on the page. This article will look at some of the best study material or learning resources for the GMAT prep process.

    Best learning resources and books for GMAT preparation:
    After considering various resources for GMAT preparation, this article will discuss the top three books for GMAT preparation. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the books for GMAT preparation is to opt for the GMAT Official Guide.

    1) GMAT Official Guide 2022

    This official GMAT guide by the graduate management admissions council (GMAC) consists of all types of questions. Be it easy, medium or hard, GMAT Official Guide 2022 covers all sections.
    The latest edition (GMAT OG 2022), released on April 27, 2021, includes 47 more questions than OG 2021. GMAT OG 2022 also offers the GMAT aspirants 84 additional questions as a part of its online diagnostic evaluation.

    With four new additions introduced to the GMAT Official guide 2022, this book as GMAT study material provides almost all the topics of the GMAT syllabus. The GMAT Official guide 2022 is available to the buyers at the Official website of GMAC for $47.99. It can be purchased on online platforms at a discount as well.

    2) Kaplan GMAT Prep:

    This book is highly rated by test-takers and reviewers that provide the aspirants with authentic GMAT study material. Kaplan GMAT consists of Practice Questions covering all concepts of the GMAT syllabus with a detailed illustration. Kaplan faculty also aids the GMAT aspirants one on support through Facebook that includes six practice tests.
    Additionally, it provides 500+ online quiz banks to the GMAT aspirants opting for this book. It allows them to customize their practice and pick problems by difficulty and topics. Unlike other books for GMAT preparation, Kaplan's GMAT Prep Book is a complete guide offering difficult questions.

    3) PowerScore verbal trilogy Bible:

    The next in the list of the best books for GMAT preparation is a pack consisting of three books, one each for Critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. This trilogy consists of all the necessary concept files and provides a detailed explanation with a thorough methodology. The one thing against this GMAT learning resource is the lack of practice questions. Although, if you seek to comprehend the solid concepts of the verbal section, then this is the book. GMAT aspirants can purchase this book online on AMAZON where it has a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars.

    For those who want to set a solid foundation of GMAT concepts, the Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide is also something to consider.