Best GMAT Coaching in Delhi and the best GMAT prep

  • Best GMAT Coaching in Delhi and the best GMAT prep

    Qualifying for the GMAT exam demands a lot of hard effort, drive, and perseverance. It follows excellent guidance from mentors. The primary thing to do is to comprehend the GMAT format. GMAT is a standardized test used to assess the overall knowledge of verbal, arithmetic, and analytical skills of aspirants. The GMAT exam is also a requirement to get admission to most top management schools across the globe.

    Now for those who need coaching for their GMAT preparations, the big mystery to solve is to determine the best GMAT coaching hub. Well! Guess what? Your search ends here.

    VerbalHub is where your hard work and drive meet the best mentorship and lead you to success. Somewhere, back of the head, you might be questioning that out of all the options in Delhi, why VerbalHub? The answer lies in the streamlined and student-centric approach utilized by the mentors. Let's explain this by going through the process adopted by the expert mentors at VerbalHub.

    The pedagogy of VerbalHub:

    VerbalHub acknowledges that every student needs a different approach for the GMAT prep. Therefore, the students at VerbalHub go through an evaluation test based on the GMAT exam. Those opting to pursue their GMAT prep from VerbalHub solve a question set containing questions from all sections of the GMAT syllabus. The question set includes all types of questions, be it easy, medium, or difficult. The mentors make a report card and design a well-structured road map based on the performances. The GMAT prep process at VerbalHub goes through four stages. Based on their evaluation report card, those below 600 go to Round one.

    ● VerbalHub's GMAT prep initiates by establishing a basis where aspirants get detailed information about the GMAT syllabus. This whole focus is on developing a basic knowledge of GMAT preparation. Aspirants get a detailed explanation of every concept and term related to the syllabus.

    ● The next stage is where the aspirants learn more than 650 general tips and tricks to crack the GMAT test. The aspirants go through a sectional test of each section. Well-performing ones move to the next stage. Those who lack approach and strategy, get another chance to brush up on the concepts. Before moving to the next stage, a one-on-one discussion is held where all the students are invited to talk about their preparation process, doubts, and further strategies.

    ● The third stage is all about strategy, doubts, and discussion. The mentors at VerbalHub work on the weak sections of the students and prepare them to score high in the GMAT exam. If any aspirant has any conceptual weakness, the mentors strengthen their weaker sections.

    ● The fourth stage of the GMAT prep at VerbalHub is an elite one. The expert mentors prepare the aspirants to score 720, 740, and 760 plus. The experts work on teaching the GMAT aspirants the following things:

    a) To identify the tough ones and learn how to solve tricky questions.
    b) To solve the difficult ones using keywords.
    c) Use splitting strategy and some last-minute strategies.

    The individualized learning plan at VerbalHub consists of SOP, Counseling, and batch that equips the aspirants with skills for the desired height.